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Web Data jBilling4_1_1

This repository is based on Forked jBilling Version CE-4.1.1

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Web Data Billing’s Features

Web Data Technologies LLP is a technology company focused on Product Engineering and Solution Design. Web Data is engaged in the development of the worlds most popular Open Source Billing platform - jBilling. We are a professional team, with work friendly environment, international culture and exposure clients accross the globe.

Web Data jBilling CE 4.1.1

We are currently implementing jBilling as a Billing solution for clients interested in solving the subscription billing problem. The Web Data jBilling CE 4.1.1 is the latest edition of jBilling CE Version and is loaded with features which are a boon for companies in the current economy grappling with manual or legacy billing.

Introducing Enterprise grade features in Web Data version of jBilling based on jBilling CE v4.1.1

  1. SOAP and ReST API Support for integration
  2. Products and Assets Management
  3. Customers and Order Management
  4. Pricing History and Date specific product pricing
  5. Simple Mediation module
  6. Invoice Delivery (Email PDF)
  7. Notifications (Admin, Customer Invoice Order Credit Card etc and many others)
  8. SMS Notifications
  9. TAP File Support
  10. BSCS File Support
  11. Ability to define HTML Notifications and Reusable Templates for Notifications
  12. Meta-field / Meta-field groups & Enumerations as Data Types
  13. Resellers and Agents modules
  14. Completely Modular & Plugin based architecture
  15. Automated Payments Processing using Payment Plugins and modules
  16. Multilingual - Additional language support can be added
  17. Account Types for grouping of customers and variation of services based on account types
  18. Customisable and Flexible billing for pre-paid, post-paid, convergent billing
  19. Plans and Product Bundles/Add-Ons
  20. Role and Permissions based Access Control
  21. Usage based Pricing
  22. Rate Cards and Rule based matching
  23. Customer specific prices
  24. Advanced Mediation (High performance multi-core)
  25. Provisioning Integration
  26. Usage Based Discounts
  27. jBilling Metrics
  28. Ant and Geb Tests
  29. Discounts Redesign
  30. Entity Specific Prices
  31. Product Historical Prices
  32. JSON/XML/CSV Support
  33. Meta Fields CSV Download
  34. Unique Meta Fields
  35. Product Bundles
  36. Optional Products
  37. Included Quantity
  38. Swap Plans mid period
  39. Fixed Charge
  40. Shared Usage
  41. Full usage details
  42. Share usage between hierarchy and non-hierarchy customers

There are a dozen other small and medium features that may not be listed here for sake of de-cluttering.

Typical client implementation

A typical client implementation lasts for 1-2 months for a team of 2 developer and 1 tech lead/designer. The implementation includes custom plugin developer and/or customization of existing jBilling plugins for unique customer requirements.

Use our services

Visit us and leave a message on our website with a feature request for jBilling and we will deliver it for you.

Development and Support services

We use state of the art issue tracking system to solve urgent problems for clients. Or simply email at support at


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